Before my daughter was born in December of 2008, I had no idea what an awesome and privileged journey I was about to embark upon - both in motherhood and in becoming a doula.  Since then, not only has my heart been expanding in love for my precious children and embracing my role as their mother, but I have been growing to love the incredible design of labor and birth, and the women who so courageously begin their journeys into motherhood.

I am certified through DONA International, and am one of the area's most experienced doulas, with over nine years of experience. I have attended births in both the hospital and home setting, serving families in DeKalb, Sycamore, Rockford, and Chicago's West suburbs.


  • Free consultation visit
  • Two prenatal meetings
  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum
  • On call for two weeks before and two weeks after your due date
  • My constant support during labor from the time I arrive until mom and baby have bonded
  • Help with breastfeeding
  • Photographs of any part of the process, before and/or after your baby's birth, if desired
  • A check-up visit following the birth of your baby


"Kim's quiet and confident demeanor melted my fears and made me feel like I could overcome the pain and accomplish my goal to have a natural birth."

 "Her calming voice and nature really helped me through the toughest part of my labor." 

“Not only was it nice having someone familiar with the processes…in the thick of labor, I knew my wife felt so supported by Kim. It made all the difference, and I'm going to insist Kim be there for our next child.”  

"As soon as Kim arrived at the hospital everything immediately changed. She reminded me how to breathe, directed my attention towards tense muscles, and calmed me down. Completely relaxed, I spent the next five hours dozing off between contractions. The next time I was checked I was six centimeters dilated and within minutes my water broke and I went into transition. I truly believe that if it wasn't for Kim what took four hours could have taken twenty." 

"While friends and family were excited for baby to arrive, Kim concentrated on my health and well-being both physically and mentally before and during labor.  She supported me and my husband during pregnancy by offering advice on nutrition, relaxation, and preparedness for labor.  During labor, the nurses and doctor leave you to labor alone for significant periods of time.  Simply having Kim’s constant presence in the hospital room made me and Matt more confident and gave us peace of mind and reassurance that although my labor was intense and terrifying, that what was happening to me was a normal progression of labor.  My husband was able to concentrate on supporting me emotionally while Kim led and guided us both.  I absolutely believe that my pregnancy and labor would not have gone nearly as smoothly without her."      

“One of my goals was to have a natural labor, and I know it would have been a lot more difficult without a doula. Kim provided support and suggestions to my husband and I that helped me relax and focus without overstepping her role.”

"Having Kim as my doula was one of the best decisions I've ever made."