Client Quotes

From the dads...

"Kim's calming voice and relaxing nature really helped my wife to relax."

“I felt completely confident in her expertise and guidance throughout the entire pregnancy, but especially during the birth.”

“Having Kim as our doula is something I would recommend to anyone.”

“Not only was it nice having someone familiar with the processes…in the thick of labor, I knew my wife felt so supported by Kim. It made all the difference, and I'm going to insist she be there for our next child.”

From the moms

“Having Kim as my doula was one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

“Kim’s encouragement throughout my entire pregnancy gave me confidence that my body was created to have a baby and helped prepare me for the amazing challenge of childbirth.”

“One of my goals was to have a natural labor, and I know it would have been a lot more difficult without a doula. Kim provided support and suggestions to my husband and I that helped me relax and focus without overstepping her role.”

“I'm thankful that Kim was such an integral part of our support team!”

“If it's in my power, I will never give birth without her!”

*Above photos by Chrissy Deming Photography