Wool Diapering with Auggie!

When I was pregnant with Lucy, I thought about using cloth diapers. I decided against it for a few reasons... The amount of information on the internet was so massive I didn't know where to start.  I didn't have any friends at the time who used cloth, so had no one to ask about it.  And I just figured it'd be way too gross and inconvenient.

When Luce was a few months old we met some friends from Wisconsin in Madison, and their youngest at the time was in diapers.  My friend, Lauren, showed me her cloth "system," which consisted of cloth prefolds, wool covers, and a wet bag.  She seemed pretty excited about it, and told me how easy it was.  She explained that the wool covers get a little wet, but you just let them dry and they're good to go for the next change!  I really couldn't wrap my mind around it.  Cloth diapering, maybe, but


covers that you don't even wash in-between changes??  Gross!

Fast forward a few years to my pregnancy with Augustine.  Almost ALL of my friends used cloth, and I had been able to see firsthand how easy and routine it can be!  The thought of using wool covers was starting to seem attractive, so through the last half of my pregnancy I had several phone conversations with Lauren to pick her brain about it!

I learned that wool is both water-resistant and moisture wicking.  Wool keeps baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It's breathable, which protects against diaper rash, since all that moisture isn't trapped inside against baby's bottom.  And the most amazing thing to me is that wool is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial.  (This is why you don't have to wash it in-between changes--wool naturally neutralizes the urine!)  And they are absolutely, without a doubt, the cutest diapers I have ever seen.  Why are more people not using wool??  It is the perfect diapering solution.

The only downside is the expense.  Wool diapers can cost up to $30 a piece--yikes!  But Lauren came to my rescue again and shared a

free pattern

to make your own "soakers" out of recycled wool sweaters.  So I scoured the local thrift stores for sweaters, and proceeded to make Auggie 6 brand new and adorable diaper covers for less than $10 total.  Hooray!!

And in case you were wondering what happens if daddy accidentally shrinks a soaker in the wash...